Chicago’s Novelist Music Group LLC & Toronto Creative Firm DATAXSTUDIO secure a warranted 1.6 Million USD content deal with a possible contract extension that’s back-loaded to Ethereum’s base market value as opposed to the Dollar, a Fiat currency

Tolerating tirade after verbose tirade from the prolific thinker has lead me to ask a very important question: can we tolerate him anymore?

Is it just me or being in a room full of creative people, DATA-X is probably my least favorite creative. Not because of his level of panache or his chiseled resume but because he induces a deafening intellectual chokehold on his subjects in that loud annoying voice of his that echoes in the room with the most asshole-ish commentary you can think of.

Everytime a snarky comment comes out of his mouth it makes me cringe. His…

New Album Proves This Boy Can Make Hits With His Eyes Closed

GHOSTLUVME (Press Photo)

A friend recently introduced me to a saucy, tatted Broward County musician GHOSTLUVME and i was immediately intrigued. His in-studio with video with Ronny J and Zaytoven was vibey enough for me to explore this story.

Born Clayton Lisy, he lost his mother and two sisters at a young age and spent the latter half of his life with his father. As music was always his creative outlet, he embraced it as a form of healing and reflection. …

Brooklyn-born Model and Humanitarian Omar Francis Masters his Duality

Style is something that speaks to us on many levels. It is the first impression you get of anyone or anything. Making the impression last is always the goal in Omar Francis’ life as a model & humanitarian.

Helping the community as a social worker for 10+ years, Ruffpup’s goal as a humanitarian is to help build improve community programs to get more youth at risk involved in fashion, a way to help chanel aggression that rises with the hardships of our subsidized low income housing communities. Speaking to the Brooklyn-born…

Plant-based diet and vertical farming can create a sustainable future for our overally crowded cities

I one time got stopped by a slightly overweight elderly lady who complimented me on my slim built and also said: “when you walk it looks like your running, your metabolism must be really fast!”. She asked me if I was on a keto diet then went on to share one time she got on a keto diet and how fast she gained the weight back as soon as she got off it. If not, even more.

Ketogenic diet is a popular diet but with…

Celestine Chibu Amajoyi, is a manager on the come up. After all, you are as good as your manager and when it comes to Celestine, he has solidified his footprint in the industry. His ear for scouting talent is impeccable. He was born in San Bernardino but is a former D1 athlete for San Jose State University that currently manages platinum artists and producers.

He currently receives writing credit for Eric Bellinger’s “Ball” and holds deep A-list relationships with artists and producers. …

Florida artists rising from the underground and taking the spotlight in the contemporary has made us witness some big acts.

In the last few months the Florida underground legend, Burga, has been popping up on the industry radar with his new single called “I Cant Save You” featuring Atlanta artist Derez De’shon. With over 1 million+ views, in 30 days, new fans are wanting to hear more from the FCE artist. The song shows off the two artists’ musical chemistry which is undeniable.

Listen to the contagious track below and look out for him in 2020.

Houston native artist Grizzle is the one to look out for 2020. In 2015 he started his independent record label La Fama Music Group which has gone to sign several Houston artist. He has 3 albums in his catalog and his 4th studio album “Coming to America” released on Nov 7th. The album included to features from from TEC and Meho. It also is inlined with Grizzle’s Houston upbringing. Songs like “Regardless”, “Avatar” and “On Fire” heavily shine on the album with raps like “middle finger to the hater, I need to et to the money regardless”. The album consists…

Youtube star Tex Sands is a lifestyle Vlogger who has been building a crazy fanbase via his Vlogs on his Youtube channel featuring his extremely cute family. They say stars are built a certain way and Tex is an embodiment of it. If you were to watch his demeanour, it is eerily reminiscent of an ultra-talented athlete but instead he chose to be a viral star.

Lifestyle Vlogs done by him and his wife, Kyndall who is also an incredibly talented singer (an Atlantic Record signee) in which the couple play scary-movie-type pranks on one another; some get extremely hilarious…

Fly Guy DC is a host, Television & Radio personality from Atlanta that is doing it big.

He has gained traction for himself after scoring some major collabs with names like the Atlanta Hawks, Fresh Empire, and Footaction. Within a short time of being in the entertainment industry, he’s made appearances on National networks including Lifetime, Nickelodeon and other Viacom networks.

Fly Guy DC is a sought after influencer within the Atlanta market. He was recently named as one of Top 20 Millennials in ATL, he’s a premier talent gracing the stages of music festivals, concerts, live events as well as his top-rated prime time radio show on Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 weeknights 6 to 10 pm.

Haleema Khan

DJ/Journalist + Visual Artist © — Editor @cultraultra — Formerly @thesource *Currently RESPECT + @boi1dacom @theknockturnal @rapdirect @theDARCC

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